Curriculum 2015

Course Types

If the course is not directly related to the master program’s specialisation then it is called common.

You must take the common and required courses, and choose several elective courses.

The “Code” field in the curriculum tables below tells wither course is common, required or elective. For example:

  • “C2” is common cource
  • “AMM-R1” is a required course
  • “AMM-E3.2” is an elective course.

The decimal number code of the elective cources tells if there are alternatives. For example, you can choose only one AMM-E1.x course. You are not allowed to take more than one of these electives.

The code for the internship contains I:

  • AMM-I1 stands for the internship in the second term.

Finally, there are also a number of credits provided for research activity. The code of these “courses” contains S. For example:

  • AMM-S2 is a research work you will do in the second term.

First Term

CourseCodeHours of lecture & discussionHours of independent studyTotal number of hoursCreditsECTS
Foreign Language (English / Russian)C1721442166
Metallic Materials: Structure, Properties and ApplicationAMM-R1481321805
Thermodynamic Computation and Analysis of Phase Diagrams of Multicomponent SystemsAMM-R2361441805
Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Materials ScienceAMM-E1.124841083
Advanced Methods of Coatings and Nanofilms DepositionAMM-E1.224841083
New Methods for Studying Mechanical Properties and StandardsAMM-E2.124841083
Material SelectionAMM-E2.224841083
Practice № 1AMM-S11260722
Scientific ResearchAMM-S21441444

Second Term

CourseCodeHours of lecture & discussionHours of independent studyTotal number of hoursCreditsECTS
Foreign Language (English / Russian)C23636722
Modelling and Optimization in Physical MetallurgyAMM-R3241561805
Development of Metallic MaterialsAMM-R4361441805
Modern Equipment and Techniques for Investigation of Structure and Properties of Metallic AlloysAMM-E3.1241561805
SHS Process as a Basis of Synthesis of Inorganic MaterialsAMM-E3.2241561805
Methods of Surfaces and Interfaces InvestigationAMM-E3.3241561805
Diffusion in SolidsAMM-E4.1241201444
Mechanical Spectroscopy of Metallic MaterialsAMM-E4.2241201444
Nanofilms: Fundamental Principles, Characterization, Testing, and Application. Methods of Contact and Non-Contact Characterization of Surface TopographyAMM-E4.3241201444
Practice № 2AMM-S31260722
Scientific ResearchAMM-S41441444
Research PracticeAMM-I11801805

Third Term

CourseCodeHours of lecture & discussionHours of independent studyTotal number of hoursCreditsECTS
Management of QualityС31755722
Project ManagementС417911083
Thermal and Thermomechanical Treatment of Special Steels and AlloysAMM-R5241201444
Metal Matrix CompositesAMM-E5.1241201444
Disperse-Strengthened by Nanoparticles Tribological Coatings. Nanofilms for Mechanical Engineering and MedicineAMM-E5.2241201444
Amorphous Metallic AlloysAMM-E5.3241201444
Corrosion and Protection of the Metallic MaterialsAMM-E6.1241201444
Friction and Wear of CoatingsAMM-E6.2241201444
Advanced Technologies of the Metallic Materials ProductionAMM-E6.3241201444
Practice № 3AMM-S51260722
Scientific ResearchAMM-S639639611

Fourth Term

CourseCodeHours of lecture & discussionHours of independent studyTotal number of hoursCreditsECTS
Scientific Research 2AMM-S775675621
Master’s ThesisAMM-S83243249