Advanced Methods of Coating and Nanofilm Deposition

Mentor:Filipp V. Kiryukhantsev-Korneev

Brief content

The main modern coating science-intensive deposition technologies, such as arc evaporation, magnetron sputtering, activated thermal evaporation, ion sputtering and ion implantation, plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition, electro-spark alloying, micro-ark oxidation use the electrical gas discharge for formation of material flows from sources to the substrate, formation of the coatings, treatment of the substrates or/and coatings, intensification of the chemical reactions. The lecture is focused on physical principals of electrical gas discharges. The glow, arc, barrier, spark, corona and high-frequency discharges are discussed.

The methods of physical and chemical vapour deposition (PVD and CVD) are widely used for production of nanofilms (nanostructured, nanocomposites, and nanolayer coatings) both in laboratories and industry. The main theoretical and practical aspects of deposition technologies are analyzed and summarized in present lecture. The special attention is paid to recent PVD methods: unbalanced magnetron sputtering including HIPIMS, filtered arc evaporation and ion implantation assisted deposition.

Course content

Electrical gas discharges, as a key processes in the modern coating deposition technologies:

  1. Plasma. Electron emission. Ionization. Dark discharge. Normal and abnormal glow discharges. (2 h)
  2. Arc discharges with different types of emission. (2 h)
  3. Corona, spark, and barrier discharges. High-frequency discharges E- and H-types (2 h)

Nanofilms preparation: deposition techniques, surface modification (fundamental aspects):

  1. Thermal Evaporation. Types of energetic sources. (2 h)
  2. Ion cleaning and ion sputtering. Ion implantation. (2 h)
  3. Cathode-arc evaporation. Filtered CAE. (2 h)
  4. Magnetron sputtering. HIPIMS (2 h)
  5. Chemical vapour deposition. PACVD (4 h)


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