Disperse-Strengthened by Nanoparticles Tribological Coatings


Evgeny A. Levashov

Evgeniya I. Zamulaeva

Brief content

This lecture is devoted on fundamental base of physical methods of deposition been oriented on low temperature pulse electrospark deposition (PED) and chemical reaction assisted electrospark deposition (CRAPED). These methods are considered as applied to advanced protective and tribological coatings deposition. Materials science aspects of consumable composite nanostructured electrode materials synthesis are discussed: dispersive-hardening ceramic materials with effect of simultaneous strengthening of carbide grains and metallic binder result in precipitations; nanoparticles disperse-strengthened composite materials with modified structure produced using focused alloying by refractory compounds nanoparticles which are modificators affected to the process of structure formation thought the liquid phase and lock the recrystallization; nanostructured cemented carbides. Kinetics and mechanism of coatings deposition, coatings structure and properties on Ti-, Ni-, Fe- alloy substrates are considered. Examples of successful industrial application of PED and CRAPED are demonstrated.

Course content


  1. Physicochemical basics of the ESA method, Palatnik criterion (2 h)
  2. Coatings dispersion-hardened by nanoparticles. Thermo-reactive electro-spark surface strengthening technology (TRESS). The practical use of the technology (2 h).
  3. Principles of phase analysis and specific problems of samples after using ESA. Errors of the method and factors worsening the results of quantitative analysis (2 h)
  4. The use of X-ray phase analysis to determine the composition of electrospark coatings (2 h).


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