Friction and Wear of Coatings

Mentor:Mikhail I. Petrzhik

Brief content

The lectures are focused on the friction and wear of thin films and coatings. This includes a brief historical introduction, main definitions, fundamental aspects of friction and wear, description of the main wear mechanisms. Various types of tribological coatings are considered. Finally, various equipments for tribo tests are described.

Course content


  • Terms and goals of tribology. Modes of wear behavior of solids. Classic rules of tribology. (4 h)
  • Theoretical models and their applications to study functional surfaces. Archard’s Elastic Model of Friction. Stribeck—Hersey curve. (4 h)
  • Modern Methods and equipment for Investigating Functional Surfaces of Advanced Materials by tribotests (6 h)
  • Development of wear resistant functional coatings and nanofilms: nanocoating, “green” coatings, etc (4 h)


Main textbooks:

  1. K. Holmberg, A. Matthews Coatings Tribology: Properties, Mechanisms, Techniques and Applications in Surface Engineering, Tribology and Interface Engineering Series, № 56, 560 pp.
  2. J.A. Williams Wear and wear particles-some fundamentals, Tribology International 38 (2005) 863-870.

Additional literature:

  1. R. Bassani, Tribology, Pisa University Press, 2013.