New Methods For Studying Mechanical Properties and Standards

Mentor:Mikhail I. Petrzhik

Brief content

Module 1: Mechanical characterization of Nanofilms. The lectures are focused on contact methods of characterization of thin films and coatings to estimate their mechanical properties, including adhesion and tribological ones. Nanoindentation, i.e. Instrumented Indentation at very low loads as well as instrumented scratch testing, which is used to estimate adhesion/cohesion critical strength of PVD films deposited on solids are on consideration. An outlook at the development of the methods in the past and in perspective is presented. Also modern studies based on standard practice are discussed.

Module 2: Novel nanomechanical characterization techniques and standards. Conditions of standard practice and assurance of measurement uniformity of functional properties of nanomaterials such as hardness, modulus of elasticity, adhesion strength, friction coefficient, wear rate and roughness are rewieved. Development of the methods is a key question of positive development and commercialization in nanoindustry. It is shown how contact mechanical testing of nano scale volumes allow to characterize the mechanical properties of solids, including advanced nanomaterials. Also limits of the methods are discussed.

Course content


  • Modes of deformation and fracture at mechanical contact of solids. Hertz’s model and its applications to study functional surfaces. (4 h)
  • Preparing nanofilms and coatings for investigations of their functional properties (2 h).
  • Modern Methods and equipment for Investigating Functional Surfaces of Advanced Materials by Mechanical Contact Testing (6 h)
  • Characterization of Nanofilms and coatings in terms of their thickness, roughness, topography of surfaces (2 h)
  • Creating and disseminating novel nanomechanical characterization technique and standards (4 h)
  • Uniformity of Measuring Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Nanostructured Coatings. Reference nanomaterials. (4 h)
  • Principles of organization and system of metrological service. State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in Russia and abroad (2 h)


Main textbooks:

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Additional literature:

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