Mikhail Chernikov

Degree/rank:prof., dr. sci. (phys.-math.)
Phone:+7 495 638-45-06

Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1981.

Major in physics and engineering.

Research interests

Complex metal alloys; quasicrystals; strongly correlated electron systems, including heavy electron metals and Kondo semiconductors; spin glasses; probing elementary excitations in solids by inelastic X-ray scattering; thermal and elastic properties of solids; high-sensitivity magnetometry.

Training courses offered at the University
  • Lectures on “Quantum physics of solids”;
  • Seminars on “Electronic theory of solids”, “Theoretical mechanics and theory of elasticity”, “Statistical physics”, “Translation of scientific texts”.
Selected publications

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  • Krisch M., Brand R. A., Chernikov M. A., Ott H. R. Phonons in the icosahedral quasicrystal i-AlPdMn studied by inelastic X-ray scattering // Physical Review B — 2002 — vol. 65, no. 13 — pp. 134201/1-7.
  • Chernikov M. A., Ott H. R., Bianchi A., Migliori A., Darling T. W. Elastic moduli of a single quasicrystal of decagonal Al-Ni-Co: evidence for transverse elastic isotropy // Physical Review Letters — 1998 — vol. 80, no. 2 — pp. 321-324.
  • Chernikov M. A., L. Degiorgi, Felder E., Paschen S., Bianchi A. D., Ott H. R., Sarrao J. L., Mandrus D., Fisk Z. Low-temperature transport, optical, magnetic and thermodynamic properties of Fe1-xCoxSi // Physical Review B — 1997 — vol. 56, no. 3 — pp. 1366-1375.
  • Edagawa K., Chernikov M. A., Bianchi A. D., Felder E., Gubler U., Ott H. R. Low-temperature thermodynamic and thermal-transport properties of decagonal Al65Cu20Co15 // Physical Review Letters — 1996 — vol. 77, no. 6 — pp. 1071-1074.
  • Chernikov M. A., Gerber C. J., Ott H. R., Gerber H.-J. Low-temperature upper limit of the photon mass: experimental null test of Ampère’s law // Physical Review Letters — 1992 — vol. 68, no. 23 — pp. 3383-3386.
Participation in research, grants, development, etc.
  • The synthesis of single-crystalline and poly-grain aluminum-based quasicrystalline alloys with decagonal and icosahedral symmetry for the study of the electronic and thermal transport and thermodynamic properties, 2009-present, RFBR, grant 09-02-00147-f;
  • Anomalous physical properties of quasicrystals at high temperatures, 2008 to present, RFBR, grant 08-02-01461-f, Principal investigator;
  • Experimental and theoretical studies of electronic transport (high temperature and uniaxial pressure) and magnetic properties of quasicrystals, 2006-2008, The Ministry of Education and Science, grant RNP.;
  • Experimental and theoretical studies of strongly correlated electron systems, 2009 to present, The Ministry of Education and Science, grant RNP.2.1.1/1552.
Membership in the Russian and foreign academies and other public Organizations

Materials Research Society (USA)

Publications during the past several years
  • M.A. Chernikov, E. I. Isaev and Yu. Kh. Vekilov, “High-temperature electronic and thermal properties of icosaherdral quasicrystals”, Phys. Lett. A 373, 2197-2199 (2009).
  • Yu.Kh. Vekilov and M. A. Chernikov, “Polygrain icosahedral Al-Pd-Re as a granular electronic conductor”, Europhys. Lett. 87, 17010 (2009).
  • Yu.Kh. Vekilov and M. A. Chernikov, “Quasicrystals”, Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk 180, 2010, in press.
  • M.A. Chernikov, “Elastic properties of icosahedral and decagonal quasicrystals”, Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk, 175, 436-444 (2005).
  • M.A. Chernikov, “On the low-temperature specific heat and thermal conductivity of icosahedral and decagonal quasicrystals”, Poverkhnost’. Rentgenovskie, sinkhrotronnye i neytronnye issledovaniya, № 4, 91-103 (2005).
Supervised research work for graduate qualification of bachelors and Masters in the last several years
  • Magister dissertation “The study of the specific heat of quasicrystalline phases Al-Ni-Co and Al-Cu-Fe at high temperatures”, Gasparyan T. A., National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, 2008.
  • Rozhnikov K. Yu., Gasparyan T. A., (National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”), “The growth of single crystals of quasicrystalline phases with icosahedral and decagonal structures”;
  • Rozhnikov K. Yu., Gasparyan T. A., (National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”), “The synthesis of quasicrystals and the study of their the specific heat at high temperatures”.