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Student Life in Moscow

An added benefit to studying at MISiS is the opportunity to explore Moscow.  Rich in culture and history, Russia’s capital city is an amazing blend of old and new.  In addition to the world-renowned Kremlin and Red Square, this cosmopolitan city is home to a multitude of museums, theatres, parks, and palaces.  It also possesses a convenient and inexpensive mass transit system, including several metro stations that are cultural heritage sites in and of themselves!  

In addition to its historical sites, Moscow is also home to many restaurants, cafes, and night clubs.  It provides plenty of shopping opportunities for those who are into seeing and partaking in the latest fashions. 


Moscow is a city of contrasts which offers a broad variety of attractions.  You will certainly want to make sure to attribute some of your time to discovering all the wonders of Moscow!


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 A wintry view of Gorky Park and downtown Moscow from
the campus of NUST "MISiS"

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