Rules and Regulations

1. General provisions

  1. The present provision regulates the main principles of the International Student Scholarship Program to increase the number of international students at MISiS in accordance with partnership programs with international universities and associations of institutions of higher education to implement the Program to Increase the Competitiveness of NUST MISIS Among World-Leading Scientific Educational Centers (Agreement # 2 02.А03.21.0004 with Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation from August 27, 2013).

  2. The present provision stipulates the system by which the MISiS scholarships will be granted and paid to international students (citizens of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Ukraine, and Georgia are excluded from participating in this scholarship program), who have shown good academic progress at their previous educational institutions and a high motivation to study at MISiS.

  3. International Student Scholarship means money paid monthly to international students enrolled at MISiS to study in a master’s degree program on a competitive basis in accordance with paragraph 4 of the present provision.

    The International Student Scholarship Program is limited to two target groups. Target Group I includes two subgroups. Here is the list of eligible Russian-language and English-language master’s programs for the International Student Scholarship Program.

    Eligible Scholarship Recipients*
    Target Group IFull-time master’s program or joint master’s degree program in an English-medium program
    Target Group IIStudents from partner universities interested in taking classes through one of our English-or Russian-language master’s programs (30 ECTS), pursuing an internship, and/or completing final research coursework.
  4. The International Student Scholarship is granted by the Scholarship Contest Committee, which is chaired by the rector of MISiS. The composition of this committee is approved by the rector of the university on an annual basis.
  5. MISiS administration annually assesses the number of scholarships spots available to international students for each target group.
  6. Financing of the International Student Scholarship Program is provided by state budget allocation in accordance with the Program to Increase the Competitiveness of NUST MISIS Among World-Leading Scientific Educational Centers (Agreement # 2 02.А03.21.0004 with Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation from August 27, 2013). Additionally, it could be provided by funds derived from income-bearing activities.
  7. International Student Scholarship recipients are determined by the Scholarship Contest Committee. The scholarships cover the entire period of study. Payment of the International Student Scholarship is made monthly (sometime between the 21st and 30th) during the academic year (10 months).

2. Requirements for participation

  1. The candidate has to meet the following requirements for participation:
    • Possesses a minimum academic average score of 4,0 on a scale of 5,0 at previous school(s) and must have received high marks (4,0 or higher on a 5,0 scale) in major subjects
    • Is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, a CIS country, Ukraine, or Georgia
    • Does not have a criminal record in the Russian Federation
    • Does not currently have any other grants (scholarships) for study

3. Stages of the contest to receive the scholarship for international students (attendees) enrolling at MISiS

  1. Stage I — acceptance of applications for the scholarship. Participants shall submit the required admissions documents electronically to the Scholarship Contest Committee.
    • Completed application with an attached color passport photograph
    • Here is the list of eligible degree programs and their codes for question #20 on the application.
    • Color passport photo
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Statement of Purpose in English (or Russian for exchange students studying in a Russian-medium master’s program)
    • Copies of diploma(s) and transcript(s) from all previous academic institutions (undergraduate and higher) in English
    • Certified/notarized Russian translations of any other educational documents
    • Copies of documents (certificates or other notifications of having won international and national (city-wide or other) academic competitions, information on scientific publications, or participation in innovative activities (if applicable)
    • Copy of the biographical information page of the passport which will be used by the international student to enter the Russian Federation, with a validity date not less than 18 months from the start date on the academic entry visa
    • Copy of student ID (only required for exchange students from partner universities)
  2. Stage II — processing of applications.
  3. Stage III — selection of recipients.

    The applications are ranked by the Scholarship Contest Committee Please note that if students are awarded an equal number of points from the Scholarship Contest Committee, the priority is given to joint program students.

  4. The results and ranking of applicants will be made in accordance with the Contest Committee’s assessment. The decision of the committee will be presented in an official document. The list of applicants (including the reserve list of applicants) shall be placed on the website within five days after the committee’s meeting.
  5. The recipients of scholarship will need to confirm their decision to study at MISiS by May 1 and present the following documents to the committee:
    • Copy of medical assessment (certificate) of general state of health, issued by the appropriate official government body of residence of the candidate, which confirms the student is sufficiently healthy to study in the Russian Federation;
    • Copy of medical certificate with results of an HIV/AIDS test (proof that you are not HIV positive), issued by the appropriate official government body of residence of the candidate
    • Copy of birth certificate (if available) or passport biological page
    • Certified Russian-language translations of each of these documents

    If student declines or does not confirm his/her decision to study at MISiS and does not provide the aforementioned documents by the designated date listed above, the Committee shall replace this student with another applicant from the reserve list mentioned above. The official document with the final list of Contest winners will be placed on the website. The Committee will forward the list of names of the winners to the Committee’s chairman (rector of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS) to decide who will receive the scholarship in accordance with the Contest results.

  6. The official decision to assign the scholarship to international students will be made by the rector of MISiS.
  7. The International Student Scholarship is assigned in the amount confirmed by the rector of MISiS and covers student residence hall accommodation costs and compulsory health insurance. The funds to cover these fees will be directly issued to the students, and the students themselves will be directly responsible for paying the fees.

4. Causes to discontinue paying the scholarship to international students studying at MISiS:

  • Expulsion from MISiS for any reason set aside by the law of the Russian Federation and local acts of the University
  • Transfer to another educational institution
  • By decision of the Scholarship Contest Committee if student receives a semester mark of „satisfactory” or lower.