NUST MISIS Enters the TOP-30 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject

NUST MISIS has entered the TOP-30 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject in “Engineering-Mineral & Mining”, rising one spot from 2017. The University has also strengthened its positions in the three following subjects: “Materials Science”, “Physics & Astronomy”, and “Engineering-Mechanical”, rising by a staggering 100 spots in all 3 subjects.

“Living bandages”: NUST MISIS Scientists Develop Biocompatible Anti-burn Nanofibers

A group of NUST MISIS’s young scientists, for the very first time in Russia, has presented a new therapeutic material based on nanofibers made of polycaprolactone modified with a thin-film antibacterial composition and plasma components of human blood. Biodegradable bandages made from these fibers will accelerate the growth of tissue cells twice as quickly, contributing to the normal regeneration of damaged tissues, as well as preventing the formation of scars in cases of severe burns.

NUST MISIS Agrees on Cooperation with Leading Universities

Representatives of 15 foreign universities visited NUST MISIS as part of the International Scientific Symposium “Miner`s Week-2018”. Agreements on international cooperation in the field of education and science were reached as a result of the round table discussion “The internationalization of education in the mining field”.

NUST MISIS’s History in Photos

The opening ceremony of the historical photo exhibition created as part of the celebration of NUST MISIS’s 100th anniversary—marked from the creation of the Moscow Mining Academy, NUST MISIS’s predecessor—was recently held at the University.

NUST MISIS to Head Technical Committee on the Standardization of “Solid Mineral Fuel”

At the initiative of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, NUST MISIS is now heading the technical committee on the standardization of “Solid Mineral Fuel” that started operations earlier this year. Anatoly Yanovsky, Deputy Minister of Energy, announced the development during the 26th International Scientific Symposium "Miner`s Week-2018"`s plenary session. NUST MISIS Professor Svetlana Epshtein has been appointed as the committee’s head.

Rapid-Tests on Quantum Dots to Carry out Early Heart Attack Diagnosis and to Identify Sepsis within 10 Minutes

NUST MISIS scientists have developed a new type of membrane test strip for the quantitative immunochromatographic rapid-test that will be able to accurately and quickly make an early diagnosis of an acute myocardial infarction through the presence of disease markers in blood, as well as to identify various things such as sepsis, a pregnancy’s duration, and viral & bacterial infections.

Rostec is Interested in Joint Projects with NUST MISIS

NUST MISIS and Rostec State Corporation have discussed the possibility of cooperating to implement joint R&D developments for various high-tech industries. NUST MISIS showed Rostec four promising projects it has developed together with industrial partners.