NUST MISIS Scientists Develop Technology to Slash Production Prices of Smartphone Displays

The basis for modern Smartphone displays are artificial sapphires (monocrystalline corundum), which are acquired from high-purity aluminum oxide. These artificial sapphires are the main component of light emitted diode (LED) and the protective glass of modern gadgets. As Russia lacks large-capacity production of this raw material, companies have to buy it abroad at a high price. But NUST MISIS has begun to develop high-purity aluminum oxide, and the patented import-substituting technology will allow the university to provide domestic producers of monocrystalline corundums with the necessary raw materials.

NUST MISIS Enters the U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings-2017

For the first time, NUST MISIS has entered the U.S. News Best Global Universities-2017 Rankings, taking 283rd place for the subject of Materials Science. Among Russian universities, NUST MISIS ranks 2nd, only behind Lomonosov Moscow State University. Only eight Russian universities appeared in the U.S. News Best Global Universities — 2017 Rankings for the subject.

NUST MISIS and OMK Launch Joint MBA Program

United Metallurgical Company (OMK) is one of the leading integrated steel producers in Russia, and one of NUST MISIS`s strategic partners. NUST MISIS, together with OMK, has implemented new education and research programs. Developed at the corporation`s request, the MBA program “Management of Industrial Enterprise” is designed for line managers to be able to initiate improvements in organizing and managing production.

NUST MISIS Engineers from Innovative Enterprise Develop Unique Autoinjector Device

Engineers from the small innovative enterprise “Medical Engineering”, which partially operates through NUST MISIS, have devised the prototype of a device which allows patients to make self intramuscular injections that adhere entirely to medical procedure. The device can be managed through a mobile device via Bluetooth, and allows a person to set the injection speed and reduce sensitivity.

NUST MISIS Engineers Start Design of a Unique Decay Vessel Camera for CERN`s New Experiment

A group of NUST MISIS engineers has started the design of the decay vessel’s camera, the most massive part of the SHiP`s (Search for Hidden Particles) new experimental apparatus at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Geneva, Switzerland). The aim of the new experiment is to find explanations for phenomena that do not adhere to or cannot be described by the Standard Model of particle physics, namely, the existence of dark matter and the absence of antimatter in the Universe.

NUST MISIS Scientists Develop Self-Aligning Polymer Implants with Shape Memory

A science team from the Center of Composite Materials at NUST MISIS, led by research assistant Fedor Senatov, have developed a new type of polymeric bone implants with shape memory that can be used without fittings and blocking devices during surgery. One of the new implant`s characteristics is increased implant survival rate in body tissues, as well as the ability to organically degrade, and thus subsequently be replaced by natural bone tissues.

NUST MISIS Stands Out for International Students

NUST MISIS has entered the TOP-22 Russian universities focused on the teaching of international students. The index was organized by Rossotrudnichestvo through the support of the Social Navigator Project (RIA Novosti — Russian International News Agency) and Sputnik International.

NUST MISIS at International Educational Conference EAIE in Liverpool

For the first time NUST MISIS participated in the annual conference of the European Association for International Education, which was held from September 13th-16th, 2016 in Liverpool, England. The conference attracted more than 5000 participants from hundreds of universities worldwide. During the business forum NUST MISIS`s representatives talked about the university’s success attracting international students to English-language master`s programs.

NUST MISIS Presents Number of New Materials and Alloys for Air Space at “Army-2016”

During the forum “ARMY-2016” NUST MISIS presented nanocomposites for the creation of effective electromagnetic screens, quasicrystals for anticorrosion and thermal protection coatings, heat-resisting and superplastic alloys on an aluminum basis, lightweight intermetallic special alloys for avia turbines` components, and many more innovative materials and equipment for the airspace industry and defense complex.