Moscow Becoming More Attractive for International Students

Moscow has improved its position in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking. The Russian capital, once again named the most attractive Russian city for international students, improved by 4 points and was slotted 39th among the 125 other world cities included in the ranking. Three more Russian cities entered the ranking for the first time — Saint Petersburg (78th position), Tomsk (91st position), and Novosibirsk (93rd position).

NUST MISIS Scientists Develop “Eternal” Accelerator on the Basis of Nanomaterials

A group of NUST MISIS scientists led by Professor Alexander Mukasyan has produced a unique accelerator by developing self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS). The accelerator doesn’t degrade and doesn’t get polluted during the working process, and this is the reason why it operates ten times longer than ordinary accelerators. It has been working intensively for several years, hence why it is jokingly called “eternal”. Accelerators are used to obtain nanomaterials, as well as for the after combustion process in vehicles. Additionally, they reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

NUST MISIS Experts: Satellites to be able to Refuel on the Moon

At the roundtable discussion named “New opportunities of innovative development in the mining processing industry: On the question of raw materials space base developmen,” and hosted during the 25th anniversary of the International Scientific Symposium “Miner`s Week — 2017”, experts in the field discussed the opportunities for the market of space services.

Education & Research Center MISIS-BUEHLER Launches at NUST MISIS

NUST MISIS has launched an education and research center of metallography and sample processing, to be equipped by BUEHLER, the world leader in the production of this kind of equipment. The MISIS-BUEHLER center is a unique platform where the collection of this special equipment will expand not only research opportunities, but also the educational process. The center`s creation was possible thanks to the support of NOVATEST.

NUST MISIS and TEEMP Develop Device to Start Heavy Equipment at Temperatures as Cold as −60 °C

Together with TEEMP (a company in the RENOVA group), a group of NUST MISIS scientists led by Professor Mikhail Astakhov, head of the NUST MISIS Department of Physical Chemistry, has completed the testing of an innovative starter system based on supercapacitors developed in-house. The autonomous system is able to start the engines of heavy-wheeled trucks, tractors, other Caterpillar equipment, and aviation equipment at extremely low temperatures (up to −60 °C).

MISIS-GUU Enters KVN Premier League

In 2017, NUST MISIS KVN movement is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This anniversary season NUST MISIS KVN team members began with bright victory by successfully performing in XXVIII International Festival of KVN Teams “KiViN — 2017” in Sochi.

NUST MISIS, MIPT, and Cognitive Technologies Hold Olympiad for Programming

On January 15th, 2017, NUST MISIS and MIPT held an Olympiad on Competitive Programming for schoolchildren. The event was organized by NUST MISIS, MIPT, and a company named Cognitive Technologies. More than 1500 schoolchildren from 7th — 11th grade and hailing from Russia and Belarus participated in the Olympiad. The competition was held under the rules of ACM ICPC.

NUST MISIS: SeverCorr to Increase Service Life of Oil-Field Pipelines

NUST MISIS has completed another series of experimental heats for the development of new steel grades for use in oil-field pipes. Several promising concepts of new steel, which will have increased corrosion resistance and improved mechanical characteristics, have been worked out jointly with “Tsniichermet” and other designated organizations from Samara and Saint Petersburg. The work on the preparation of experimental heats for Severstal has already started.

Airborne Thermometer to Measure Arctic Temperatures

Russian scientists from NUST MISIS, MIPT and Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences have compared the effectiveness of several techniques of remote water temperature detection based on laser spectroscopy and evaluated various approaches to spectral profile interpretation. The paper detailing the study was published in Optics Letters.

NUST MISIS Scientists Create Unique Metamaterial

A group of scientists from the NUST MISIS Laboratory of Superconducting Metamaterials have come up with a unique metamaterial which can make combat vehicles invisible, the authoritative scientific journal Physical Review wrote.

NUST MISIS Scientists Develop New Casting Technology for Aircraft Industry

NUST MISIS scientists have developed a model-free technology to manufacture aircraft parts from titanium alloys for the Russian aircraft industry. The new technology, planned to be used in the manufacturing of parts for the MC-21, is noticeably cheaper, more environmentally safe, and allows for more precise components than current techniques.