Open Doors Olympiad at NUST MISIS: Russia Opens Its Doors to International Students

Open Doors, an international Olympiad designed for graduate program applicants, has recently started in Russia. NUST MISIS, amongst Russia`s leading universities, is one of the Olympiad`s co-organizers. Students from around the world can enroll before the scheduled date and continue their education to obtain a master`s degree from one of the country`s and the world`s best universities.

Engineering Solution from NUST MISIS Scientists to Significantly Decrease Costs of MRI Research

Researchers from the NUST MISIS Engineering Center for Industrial Technologies have developed an innovative technology for the production of magnetic materials and permanent magnets at a reduced cost. This engineering solution will allow scientists to produce affordable and efficient domestic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices for wide use in public health clinics. According to the developers` estimates, the cost of an analysis with the new MRI technology will be half of what it is now.

Marine Robotics Discussed at NUST MISIS

The all-Russian conference devoted to the development of Russia`s marine robotics, organized by the All-Russian Movement for Support of the Navy together with naval, shipbuilding, scientific & research, education, entrepreneurial, governmental, industrial and other structures was recently held at NUST MISIS. The conference is held in the interests of transport shipping, domestic shipbuilding, the ship repairing industry, the Russian Navy, the marine border coast guard, river and fishing fleets, marine science, domestic boating, and yachting.

NUST MISIS Holds Cybathletics Competitions

In early December, high-tech competitions for handicapped people who actively use rehabilitation equipment (cybathletes) were held at the NUST MISIS Commune House—Russia`s best student resident hall complex-2016.

Professor Philip Altbach: “A Spirit of Innovations Prevails at NUST MISIS”

Philip G. Altbach, a research professor and the founding director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College (USA), as well as a member of the Council of the Russian Government Program for Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers (Project 5-100), recently visited NUST MISIS for the second time. Professor Altbach delivered a lecture on “Internationalization in the Context of Globalization” and answered student questions.

NUST MISIS Students Develop an App for Patients with Bronchiectasis

A group of 1st year master`s degree students from the NUST MISIS College of Information Business Systems has suggested a solution to the problem of medication intake for those who have bronchiectasis. The suggestion is a special bracelet used to control the use of an inhaler and to monitor the patient`s condition. The prototype was presented as part of the IBM open student hackathon held through the support of Bayer.