Anastasia Mikhaylovskaya

Position:Associate professor
Phone:+7 495 955-01-34

Postgraduate student. Ph.D. degree in Physical metallurgy and heat treatment of metals. Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow.

Thesis title: „Grain structure formation of hetero-phase Al alloys with high strain rate superplasticity”.


Student. Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow.

Engineer in Metal Science and Heat Treatment. Specialty: „Physical metallurgy and heat treatment of metals”.

Qualification work (Diploma): „Ageing of Al-Cu-Mg alloy in aircraft constructions”.


Associate professor. Department of Physical Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals, National University of Science and Technology „MISIS”, Moscow, Russia.

Teaching: Lectures and Practical works in courses „Metallic Materials: structure, properties and applications”, „Material science”, „Physical metallurgy”, „Material Science of Non-ferrous metals” and etc.


Assistant, Department of Physical Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals, Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russia.

Teaching: Practical works and labs in courses „Metallic Materials: structure, properties and applications”, „Material science”, „Physical metallurgy”, „Material Science of Non-ferrous metals” and etc.

09.2003-12.2004Trainee researcher Department of Physical Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals, Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russia.
Research Interests

Investigation of structure formation mechanisms, superplasticity phenomena, phase transformations, deformation behaviour, phase diagrams, mechanical and physical properties of non-ferrous alloys, mechanical spectroscopy. The main science subjects are superplastic materials, recrystallisation and grain refinement. Studies include scientific factors which affect the microstructure — strength relationships of materials and report the changes to mechanical behavior.Thin films and coatings, surface engineering, nanostructured and nanocomposite materials, PVD technologies, materials characterization and testing, biocompatible materials, BN nanostructures.

Advanced training

Student of Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow. Professional course of „Financial management”.

List of selected publications
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