Alexey Rodin

Position:Associate professor
  • Engineer in Metallurgy 1995 MISIS
  • PhD 1999 (Solid state physics)

Since 2001 — Associated Professor, MISIS.

Research Interests

Diffusion in solids, surface and interfaces, grain boundaries, thermodynamics and kinetics in solids, wetting.

Participation at Research Projects
  1. Thermodynamics and kinetics of processes at surface and interfaces in condensed matter (Ministry of Science and Education 2006-2008)
  2. Increasing of exploration properties of metallic alloys by direct acting on phase and grain boundaries. (Russian Agency of Science 2008-2009.)
  3. Evolution of micropores during the process of heat treatment, static and cyclic loading for monocrystalline blades of Ni based superalloys of IV generation. (RFBR 2008-2010)
  4. Micropores growth and annihilation in monocrystalline Ni based superalloys during homogeneization and hot isostatic pressure.( RFBR, 2009-2010)
  5. Development of composition and producing methods for composite materials of new generation on the base of Nb-Si system with high specific heat resistence for blades of gas turbine engines and generating units. (2011-2012 Ministry of Science and Education.)
  6. Mechanisms of strengthening of welded superalloys Ni-Co-Cr-W-Ti by nitrides nanoparticles during the processes of bulk nitridation. (RFBR 2011 —2012)
  7. Microalloyed bulk nanostructured Al-based alloys (RFBR 2011-2013)
  8. Effect of phase formation and elements adsorption at grain boundaries on microstructure and fragility of low-alloyed low carbon reactor steels after long expoitation. (RFBR 2013- 2014)
  9. Effect of grain boundary surface tension on grain boundary diffusion. (RFBR 2014- 2016)
  10. Diffusion formation of supersaturated solid solution in metallic alloys. (RFBR 2015- 2017)
Methods Used, Courses
  • Material characterization methods (SEM, XRD, EPMA)
  • Chemical thermodynamics, Kinetics, Data analysis
  • Russian Federation President scholarship (1998)
  • Intas yound scientist program (2001).
Advanced training

Modern technology for casting car’s components, Volkswagen AG R&D centre, Germany, Certificate, 2011

List of selected publications
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