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Dear Friends!

If you consider starting your master degree in the coming year, we are happy to share some news about the master program in Communications and International Public Relations at National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” in Moscow.

Being part of this program, you will spend two wonderful years of learning the theory and practice of communication in an international group of students from across the globe. It is the multidisciplinary feature of the program that made it possible to unite various fields, such as communication, economics, journalism and management. Whereas the location in one of the leading Russian technology universities gives the program a special focus in communication for knowledge-intensive and technology sectors.

Another definite advantage of entering MISIS is that you will study in the very heart of Moscow, a vibrant, dynamic city which offers unprecedented opportunities, both professional and cultural. You will have a chance to become a part of Moscow’s international community, meeting experienced scientists and experts, participating in conferences and workshops and laying a solid foundation for your future career in communication and international public relations.

To make your first step towards your dream job with our program you need to have a university degree in any field and pass the entrance examination in the spring or summer of 2020.

One important change in the form of the entrance examination is that an oral interview will replace the written exam of previous years. In the interview you are expected to discuss communication issues and answer questions on the theory of intercultural communication.

And finally, some excellent news for Russian citizens this year. We now have 10 state-funded seats on the program available for successful candidates, which is double the number of seats offered last year.

We are looking forward to having you join our program in 2020!

In this master’s degree program, university professors teach interactive classes, heads of communications agencies share first-hand experience, and students benefit from multicultural discussions and challenging project work. It takes two years of full-time studies to complete this program. The first semester starts in September.

In addition to required and elective courses, students interact with PR professionals, attend master classes, and visit various organizations. The final semester is dedicated to skills enhancement through an internship and synthesis of knowledge in a master’s thesis.

The ultimate goal of the program is to train highly qualified public relations and communications professionals who will successfully interact with business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Our alumni may work in PR or R&D departments of industrial enterprises, universities, or research institutes as well as in communications agencies. They will be ideal candidates for positions of communication consultants and PR specialists.

Theory is a beautiful piece of marble, but to cut it into a gorgeous sculpture you need a tool, which is called Practice. Thank you for giving us both! See the MASTERpieces in June 2018.

Maria Peremitina

A technical translator from Russia and a 1st year master’s student

The art of communication is a tool of leadership and I am proud to be part of the Master’s programme in Communications and International Public Relations which will serve as a stepping stone to achieve greater heights.

Stephen Obiri

A communications professional from Ghana and a 1st year master’s student

Communication is a skill that you can learn. I am thankful to MISIS for giving me an opportunity to polish my leadership skills having a technical background. June 2018 will be waiting for us.

Sadia Bruce

An IT expert from Pakistan and a 1st year master’s student

The programme is a wonderful inter-continental experience with a practical approach to teaching that makes for excellent learning.

Johannes Haufiku

A PR officer from Namibia and a 1st year master’s student

Learning in an international environment means you get more than you expect. You learn the varying perspectives of people from across the globe, in and outside the classroom. At the very end, you learn not only how to be a professional in your field, but also how your skill can change the world. I am grateful I’m here!

Oluwafemi Arowoshola

A writer from Nigeria and a 1st year master’s student

I’m very happy to study in this program. Not only has its content met my expectations, but I have also been lucky to meet great people. I’ve enjoyed being part of our multicultural group and looking at things from different angles, not only from European or Western point of view. Also, our professors are top class. And Moscow is a great city to live in!

Elina Pӧllӓnen

An advertising expert from Finland and a 1st year master’s student

Below on this page you’ll find information about


To be admitted as a regular graduate student to a two-year Master’s program at MISIS, an applicant must have earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Applicants must follow the general procedure outlined on the web-site. The deadline to submit the application for Fall term is August 10. However, international students are strongly encouraged to apply by July 15.

Admission is open to both Russian and international students and includes an individual online interview for international applicants and a written examination for Russian applicants. Please see the Entrance Examination Content (1.7 MB)

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this program, you will:

  • be better equipped for international cooperation in research and innovation as well as for interaction with businesses
  • improve your knowledge and skills in public relations and communications
  • be able to increase recognition, popularity, and use of innovative and established products and technologies at a local, national and global scale
  • gain practical experience through interaction with PR professionals, visits to various organizations, and an internship in a relevant department of a public or private organization.

The program has a distinct practical focus on professional training and development. Besides, similar to other Master’s degree programs, it involves research work that permeates all the four semesters of studies and culminates in a master’s thesis.

Degree Requirements

To graduate from the program, you must successfully complete 120 credit hours, including 65 credits from required and elective courses, 31 credits from research activities, 15 credits from the internship, and 9 credits from the thesis presentation and defense. Students will be enrolled for 30 credits per term. For a semester-by-semester breakdown of the course plan and course descriptions, please see the full curriculum.

Upon completion of the degree requirements, the graduate will receive a Russian State diploma and a European Diploma Supplement.

Required Courses

Elective Courses

You are expected to take six elective courses:

Degree Requirements at a Glance

Degree RequirementsCredits ECTS
Required courses47
Elective courses18
Research work31
Thesis defence and the final examination9

For more details please see the full curriculum.


Each course page (see required and elective courses) has a link to the professor’s page where you can find their short bio and list of publications.


For support in registration, accommodation or any questions about the admission, please contact the International Master’s Programs Admissions Office:

119049, Russia, Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, 6, office G-369
+7 499 230-24-09

For detailed information on the education program, please contact the Program Director, Associate Professor Ivanova Uliana:

119049, Russia, Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, 4, office B-1045
007 495 955 00 51
007 926 155 41 29