Corporate Culture

Instructor:Liudmila Minaeva
Updated:2 February, 2016

Course Summary

In the Corporate Culture course the focus is on the blend of values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths which organizations develop over time. Students will learn the communication techniques that the in-house public relations manager must practice. An emphasis is put on both the “macro” and “micro” tasks of the internal PR manager. “Macro” tasks refer to strategic planning of internal communication. “Micro” tasks include the evaluation of employee communication problems within organizations and the design of communication programs to handle them.

Course Format

Hours of lectureHours of discussionHours of independent studyTotal numbers of hours

Please note that the time spent on independent study exceeds hours of lecture and discussion.

Course Content

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Corporate culture and corporate image (4 hours)
    • definition of corporate culture, typology of corporate culture
    • influence of corporate culture on business
  2. Symbolic components of corporate culture (6 hours)
    • corporate culture as an integrator
    • naming and slogans
    • house style and its components
  3. Verbal components of corporate culture (10 hours)
    • mission and vision
    • corporate philosophy and corporate code
    • corporate history and legends
    • corporate rituals
    • ways of corporate culture promotion

Reading List

Required reading:

  1. Paul A.Argenti (2013). Corporate Communication. 6th ed. McGraw Hill

Recommended reading:

  1. Lionel Wee (2015). The Language of Organizational Styling. Cambridge University Press.
  2. Invernizzi Emanuele, Falconi Toni Muzi, Romenti Stefania (eds.) (2009). Institutionalosing PR and Corporate Communication. Proceedings of the Euprera 2008 Milan Congress. Milan.
  3. Minaeva L.V. (2010) Vnutrikorporativnyje svyazi s obshchestvennost’u. Moscow: Aspect Press (in Russian).
  4. Smith Lyn, Mounter Pamela (2008) Effective Internal Communication. Kogan Page, London.
  5. Aronson Merry, Spetner Don, Ames Carol (2007) The Public Relations Writer’s Handbook. The Digital Age. Jossey-Bass.
  6. Persikova T.N. (2011) Mezhkulturnaja kommunikathija i korporativenaja kultura. Moscow: Logos (in Russian).
  7. Chumikov A.N. (2012) Reklama i svyazi s obshchestvennost’u. Imidzh, reputatsija, brend. Moscow: Aspect Press (in Russian).
  8. Public Relations Review. Elsevier.
  9. Research in Organizational Behavior. Elsevier.

Online resources:

  1. Sites of commercial organizations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Homework Assignments

Homework will be assigned weekly. You will be expected to study the books from the reading list and to analyze various cases. You will also have to write two tests and prepare a corporate portfolio.


It is a pass/fail course. To get a pass, you should complete all the assignments.