Communication Management

Instructor:Liudmila Minaeva
Updated:2 February, 2016

Course Summary

Communication is increasingly at the center of human activity and crucial to the success of individual professionals and their organizations. The Communication Management course is designed to provide conceptual and methodological tools for professional communicators charged with strategic communication in public, business and nonprofit organizations. The goal is to equip students with the skills that they can use to design and execute effective communication strategies and tactics across a range of settings. Throughout, case materials, individual and group projects will provide a direct application of the course themes.

Course Format

Hours of lectureHours of discussionHours of independent studyTotal numbers of hours

Please note that the time spent on independent study exceeds hours of lecture and discussion.

Course Content

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Basic concepts of Communication Management (4 hours)
    • foundations of Communication Management
    • communication strategy and communication policy
  2. Communication Management as a process (6 hours)
    • communication programme and its components
    • types of communication programmes
    • instruments and techniques
  3. The practice of Communication Management (10 hours)
    • communication management in politics
    • communication management in public administration
    • communication management in business
    • communication management and innovation management
    • communication management in nonprofit organisations

Reading List

Required reading:

  1. Broom, Glen M. (2012) Cutlip and Center’s Effective Public Relations. 11th Edition. Pearson.
  2. Dennis Wilcox et al. (2014) Public Relations. Strategies and Tactics. 10th edition. Pearson.
  3. Public Relations Review. Elsevier

Recommended reading:

  1. Stromback Jesper, Kiosis Spiro, (eds.) (2011) Political Public Relations: Principles and Applications. Routledge, New York.
  2. Invernizzi Emanuele, Falconi Toni Muzi, Romenti Stefania (eds.) (2009). Institutionalosing PR and Corporate Communication. Proceedings of the Euprera 2008 Milan Congress. Milan.
  3. Brønn Peggy Simcic (2012) Communication Managers as Strategists: Are They Making the Grade Yet? A View of How Other Leaders View Communication Managers and Communication in Norwegian Private and Public Sector Organizations. Proceedings of EUPRERA 2012. Istanbul.
  4. Chumikov A.N., Bocharov M.P. (2012) Gosudarstvennyi PR. Svyazi s obshchestvennost’u dla gosudarstvennykh organizathij i proektov. Moscow: Aspect Press (in Russian).
  5. Pashentsev J.N. (2012) Kommunikatsionnyi menedzhment i strategicheskaja kommuinkathija. Mezhdunarodniy tsentr sotsialno-politicheskikh issledovanyi i konsaltinga. Moscow.

Online resources:

  1. Sites of commercial organizations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Homework Assignments

Homework will be assigned weekly. You will be expected to study the books from the reading list and to analyze various cases. You will also have to write a 3000-word summary on the theory of Communication Management, prepare a 5-minute talk on the topic “Communication Management as a Process” and a team project.


It is a graded course of study. You should complete all the assignments and take an exam.