Public Relations Methodology in Industry

Instructor:Anastasia Anichenkova
Author:Liudmila Minaeva
Updated:2 February, 2016

Course Summary

The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive picture of communication management in different branches of industry. You will learn about peculiarities of communication in B2B manufacturing, B2B services, B2C manufacturing, B2C services. The course will train you to single out unique characteristics of promoted products in different industries, to identify target audiences, and to develop strategic concepts of communication programs for innovative projects.

Course Format

Hours of lectureHours of discussionHours of independent studyTotal numbers of hours

Please note that the time spent on independent study exceeds hours of lecture and discussion.

Course Content

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Methodological Principles of Industrial Public Relations
    • definition problems
    • Franz Bogner’s classification
    • subject and object of PR
    • strategic communication in industry
    • efficiency of Russian industries and their lifecycle
    • three types of managerial activities
  2. Communication Peculiarities in Industrial Public Relations
    • business peculiarities in B2B manufacturing, B2B services, B2C manufacturing, B2C services
    • PR peculiarities in IT
    • PR peculiarities in the sphere of metallurgy and new materials
    • PR peculiarities in the energy industry
  3. Public Relations in Industry
    • project presentations and discussion

Reading List

Required reading:

  1. Glen M. Broom, Bei-Ling Sha (2013). Cutlip and Center’s Public Relations. International Edition. Pearson
  2. Dennis L. Wilcox, Glen T.Cameron (2014). Public Relations, Strategies and Tactics. 10th edition. Pearson
  3. Public Relations Review. Elsevier

Recommended reading:

  1. Vasilenko, A. (2002). PR krupnykh rossijskikh korporatsij. GU-VShE (in Russian).
  2. Chernov, D. (2012). Strategicheskie kommunikatsii rossijskogo biznesa. (in Russian).
  3. Gurov, F. (2011). PR IT kompanij: rossijskaya praktika. Alpina-Publishers (in Russian).

Online resources:

  1. Company websites
  2. Journal articles

Homework Assignments

You will work on your project throughout the semester and present it at a seminar.


It is a pass/ fail course. To get a pass, you should actively participate in discussions, successfully complete two tests, and present the results of your project.