Maria Lukanina

Position:Associate Professor
Degree/rank:PhD (Philology)
Phone:+7 495 131 76 74

Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a specialist degree (cum laude) in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication (1997), with additional specialization in Public Relations. In 1996 graduated with a diploma from College Universitaire Francais (Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne).

Second higher education courses in Finance and Credit (MSU, 2005). A number of professional development courses in Public Relations.

Awarded a PhD degree for a dissertation on the Metamessage in the quality press (2002).

Research Interests

Mass media; public relations; ESP (management, economics, finance, public administration); business communication; political communication; academic communication.

Courses Taught

National University of Science and Technology „MISIS”

  • English for postgraduate students: Presentation skills, Academic writing.
  • Communication Theory

Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Crisis Communications
  • Theory of the English Language
  • Press Centre
  • Introduction into Communication Management
  • Mass Media in Contemporary Society
  • English for Politologists
  • English for Economists
  • Business English
  • English for Public Administration
Selected Publications
  1. Danilina V., Gvozdannaya N., Lukanina M., Minaeva L., Salieva L., Syrovatskaya G. (2016). English for Masters. Academic Writing. Public Administration and Management. Moscow: KDU. — electronic textbook.
  2. Bondareva L., Lukanina M., Medvedeva N., Minaeva L., Valentey T., and others. (2015) Public Administration: English for Academic Purposes. Moscow: Infra-M.
  3. Danilina, V., Lukanina, M., Minaeva, L., Salieva, L. & Filimonov, A. (2012). Public Relations: Composing Texts: Theory and Practice. Moscow: Aspect Press (in Russian).
  4. Lukanina, M. (2007). Mass Media and Public Opinion. General Approaches to Mass Media Influence. In: L. Minaeva (ed.) Communication in Politics (pp. 36-54). Moscow: Flinta: Nauka (in Russian).
  5. Lukanina, M. (2007). Crisis Counsellor. Moscow: Tsifrovichok.
  6. Lukanina, M. (2005) Public Relations in the System of Public Admnistration. Moscow University Management Bulletin, 2, pp. 88-106 (in Russian).
  7. Lukanina, M. (2002). Mass Media in Communication Theory. Specific Features of Mass Media Channels in terms of Public Relations. In: L. Minaeva (ed.) Communication in Modern Society (pp. 36-54). Moscow: National Association of English Language Teachers (in Russian).
Membership in Professional Organizations

Member of the National Association of Public Relations Educators

Research Supervision
  • Dozhdikova, M. (2016-2017) Crisis Сommunication: launching a new product/ service (National University of Science and Technology „MISIS”, master’s thesis)
  • Kuznetsova, O. (2007) PR-technologies in Politics. Political Image-making (Lomonosov Moscow State University, course paper).
  • Povelitsa, I. (2004) The Unity of Verbal and Non-Verbal Aspects as a Metamessage Tool (Lomonosov Moscow State University, graduation thesis).
  • Litvinova, E. (2004) Television as a Target Audience and A Channel of Communication in Public Relations (Lomonosov Moscow State University, master’s thesis).