Philipp Vladimirovich Kiryukhantsev-Korneev

Position:Associate professor, Senior researcher
Phone:007 495 638 46 59
2001Master’s Diploma, Powder Metallurgy & Composite Materials, Coatings
2004PhD , Powder Metallurgy & Composite Materials
Since 2006:NUST “MISIS”, Senior Research Scientist
Since 2007:NUST “MISIS”, Associate Professor
Fields of Research Interests

Surface engeeniring (magnetron and ion sputtering, arc evaporation, ion implantation etc.). Materials science of thin films and coatings (hard wear-resistant, heat-resistant, low-friction, biomedical coatings etc.). Nanostructured/nanocomposite materials. Coatings characterization (structure characteristics, hardness, elastic properties, adhesion strength, tribological propertiest, wear-resistance, thermal stability, oxidation resistance etc.). Optical emission spectroscopy. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Plasma diagnostics.

Participation at Research Projects
  1. Russia, Federal Target Programs: 14.575.21.0001 (2014-2015), 14.578.21.0086 (2014-2016), 11.519.11.3001 (2011-2013), 16.513.11.3092 (2011-2012), 02.740.11.0859 (2010-2012), P1248 (2010-2013), 02.513.12.3091 (2009-2010)
  2. Russia, Foundation for Basic Research: 13-03-12129 (2013-2015), 13-03-12081 (2013-2015),
  3. France, EGIDE (2006)
  4. ISTC: 3616 (2007-2010), 3589 (2007-2009)
  5. UK Royal Society: FSU14994 (2003-2005)
  6. EU Framework Program: NANOINDENT (2008-2010), NoE_EXCELL (2005-2009)
  7. CRDF: RUE1-2653-MO-05 (2005-2007)
Methods Used, Courses
  1. Spectroscopic methods of study
  2. Optical emission spectroscopy
  3. Non-vacuum methods of coating deposition
  4. Methods of physical vapor deposition
  5. Methods of chemical vapor deposition
  6. Formation and growth of nanostructured films
  7. Electrical gas discharges
Awards Received

2003 — diploma at Russian school-seminar on structural macrokinetics for young scientists (Chernogolovka, Russia), 2010 — Diploma for Leadership of students work (“METALLURGY-2010”), 2012 — Grant of Presedent of Russian Federation.

Honorable Titles, Membership in the Russian and Foreign Academies and Other Public Organizations
  1. 2004 — Member of International Association of Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis
  2. 2007, 2011 — Member of European Materials Research Society
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