Arkady Valerevich Krasheninikov

1992Graduated from Moscow State Engineering Institute, Russia
1995PhD in Solid State Physics from Moscow State Engineering Institute, Russia
2005Habilitation / Docent (Adjunct Professor) Degree from University of Helsinki, Finland

Since 2005: Aalto university, Finland, Senior Scientist

Fields of Research Interests

Low-dimensional materials, theoretical nanoscience, electronic structure calculations, defects, irradiation effects in solids, atomistic simulations.

Participation at Research Projects
  1. 2009-2012 Principal Investigator in “Defect-Mediated Engineering of Carbon Nano-Materials”, Academy of Finland
  2. 2011-2013 Principal Investigator in “Irradiation effects in low- dimensional materials”, Academy of Finland
  3. 2013-2014 Principal Investigator in “Characterization of defects in two-dimensional inorganic materials by first-principles simulations and transmission electron microscopy experiments,” Academy of Finland
  4. 2012-2016 Principal Investigator in “Two-dimensional programmable materials for optical and electronic applications”
Methods Used, Courses

Atomistic simulations, electronic structure calculations, density-functional theory, molecular dynamics.

Awards Received
  1. Certificate of Qualification and Grant, Samsung Electronics Corporation (South Korea) 1995
  2. Huntswill Ion Beam Institute Award, Huntswill Ion Beam Institute, USA 2010
Honorable Titles, Membership in the Russian and Foreign Academies and Other Public Organizations
  1. Member of the Management Committee of COST action MP0901 “Designing novel materials for nanodevices: From Theory to Practice (NanoTP)”
  2. Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience
  3. Member of American Physical Society, Materials Research Society, European Materials Research Society, American Vacuum Society,
  4. Co-chairman of 18 international conferences; Member of scientific committees of 8 international conferences
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