Evgeny Alexandrovich Levashov

Position:Head of the Division of Powder Metallurgy and Functional Coatings
Phone:+7 495 6384500
1982Graduated from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Russia
1987PhD in Powder Metallurgy and Composite Materials (Candidate of Science)
1996Habilitation / Higher Dissertation: Doctor of Science Diploma in Chemical Physic, Physics of Combustion and Explosion
2003Full professor (VAK certificate) in Powder Metallurgy and Composite Materials
Since 2005:Head of Department “Powder Metallurgy and Functional Coatings” NITU MISIS
Since 1989:Head of Scientific-Educational Center of SHS (SHS- Center) NITU MISIS
Fields of Research Interests

Materials science, combustion synthesis, powder metallurgy, plasma surface engineering, pulsed electrospark deposition, nanostructured ceramics, multicomponent functional coatings, biocompatible materials, characterization of mechanical and tribological properties.

Participation at Research Projects
  • NATO Research Award HTECH.CRG 930270 (1994);
  • CRDF Award No. RE1-167 (1996-1998);
  • European Program of Scientific Integration (EPSI) “Eureka” 1525 “SUBLATO” (1996-1998);
  • EPSI “Eureka” E! 2060 “SURTELEM” (1999-2001);
  • EPSI “Eureka” E! 2260 “NADICOAT” (2000-2002);
  • The Collaborative Linkage Grant NATO-Russia JSTC.CLG.978220 (2002-2003);
  • ISTC Award No. 1852 (2002-2003);
  • EPSI “Eureka” Е! 2728 “UPLETOOLS” (2002-2004);
  • INTAS Award No. 2274 (2002-2004);
  • NATO-Russia ARW (2004)
  • UK Royal Society Award FSU14994 (2003-2005);
  • CRDF Award RUE1-1506-MO-05 (2005);
  • EPSI “Eureka” PROSURFMET (2005-2007);
  • The Netherlands Progr for Cooperation with Countries in Eastern Europe (PSO) (2005-2009);
  • CRDF Award RUE1-1506-MO-05 (2005-2006);
  • ISTC Award No. 3616 p (2007-2010)
  • More than 40 projects and grants of Russian Federation
Methods Used, Courses

Combustion synthesis (SHS), Surface engineering of nanostructured coatings.

Awards Received
  • Medal of Federal Agency on Intellectual Property, Patents and Trade Marks (Rospatent) "Na Blago Rossii“,2007
  • Medal “50-years MGO VOIR”, 2008
  • Medal named after Tatischev of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) “Za Pol’zu Ptechestvu”, 1999
  • Order of RANS “Za Vklad v Razvitie Obschestva”, 2009
  • 12 gold medals and diploma of Int. Salons and Exhibitions for innovations and developments
Honorable Titles, Membership in the Russian and Foreign Academies and Other Public Organizations
  • Honor Dr. of Engineer of Colorado School of Mines, USA (2007)
  • Honor Prof. of Ryukoku University, Japan (2002)
  • Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science (2001)
  • Member-Correspondent of the Russian Academy of Natural Science (1997)
  • Honor Inventor of Moscow city (2013)
  • Editor-in-Chief of Russian Journal of Nonferrous Metals (2001- present)
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Russian J. “Izvestiya Vuzov. Powder Metal and Funct Coatings” (2007-present)
  • Member of Editorial Board of Int. Journal of SHS (1998- present)
  • Member of Editorial Board of Journal “Physical Surface Engineering” (2007- present)
  • Member of the European Joint Committee for Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering (2006-present)
  • Member of the Int. Advisory Committee on FGM (1998-present)
  • Member of the Int. Committee of SHS (1996-present)
  • Scientific adviser of NCP “Research Infrastructures” FP7 (2007- present)
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