Andrei Trofimovich Matveev

1981Graduated from Belarussian State University, Belarus, Minsk
1993PhD in Physics and Mathematics (Candidate of Sciences)
1986-2002:Institute of Solid State Physics and Semiconductors (ISSPS), Minsk, Belarus, from Post-graduate Student to Senior Researcher
2002-2006:Max-Planck Institutes for Solid State Research & Metal Research, Stuttgart, Germany, Visiting Researcher
2006-2010:Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chemistry Department, Institute for New Carbon Materials and Technologies, Moscow, Russia, Principle Researcher
2010-2013:Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chemistry Department, Closed Joint-Stock Company “SuperOx”, Moscow, Russia, Principle Specialist
Since 2013:NITU MISIS, Senior Researcher
Fields of Research Interests

Experimental solid state physics and chemistry; synthesis and characterization of novel inorganic materials with unusual structures and properties;lLow-dimensional micro- and nano- materials: thin films, micro-fibers and whiskers, nano-powders, nano-tubes and nano-fibers.

Participation at Research Projects

“BN nanotubes and graphenes” under the Resolution No.220 of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 9, 2010 , 2014-2015.

Methods Used, Courses
  1. chemical vapor deposition; thermal evaporation and magnetron sputtering systems;
  2. pulsed laser deposition systems;
  3. belt-type high-pressure apparatus;
  4. SQUID magnetometry (Quantum Design);
  5. X-ray diffractometry;
  6. DTA-TG analysis.
Awards Received
  1. Research grant of Science and Technology Agency of Japan, NIRIM, 1995-1996;
  2. Research grant of Center of Excellence NIRIM, Japan, 1996-1998;
  3. Grant of Science and Technology Agency of Japan for Visiting Lecturer, NIRIM, 1999
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