Alexander Sergeevich Mukasyan

1980M.S., Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
1986Ph.D. (Candidate of Science) in Chemical Physics, Institute of Chemical Physics, RAS
1994Doctor of Science, in Chemical Physics, Institute of Structural Macrokinetics, RAS
Since 1995:University of Notre Dame, USA, Professor
also Since 2011:National University of Science and Technology, Moscow, Professor
Fields of Research Interests

Current scientific interest is primarily related to nanotechnology, high energy density materials, joining of refractory and dissimilar materials, as well as catalysis.

Participation at Research Projects
  • Multi-resolution modeling and experiments of nanostructured reactive materials, DTRA, USA, 2010-15
  • Center for shock Wave-processing of Advanced Reactive Materials, DOE, USA, 2013-18
  • Nanocomposite metallic pseudo alloys for contacts in power electrical circuits, MERF, Russia, 2013-16
Methods Used, Courses
  • Science of Eng. Materials
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Advanced Methods for Materials Science
Awards Received
  1. Medal of Kazakhstan Ministry of Science, 2009
  2. Medal of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2007
  3. Medal of the Exhibition of the Technical Achievements (Moscow), 1996
Honorable Titles, Membership in the Russian and Foreign Academies and Other Public Organizations
  1. Academician of the International Inform. Academy
  2. Editor: International Journal of Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis
  3. Editor: Combustion J.
  4. International Advisory Boards of Ceramic World Academy
  5. International Editorial Board Eurasian Chem.-Tech. Journal
  6. International Editorial Board Powder Metallurgy and Functional Coatings


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