Alexander Sergeevich Rogachev

Phone:+7 905 7080648
1979B.S. (Chem. Phys) — Moscow Physical and Technical Institute (“Fiztekh”)
1986Ph.D. (Phys. and Mathem.) — Institute of Chemical Physics Academy of Sciences of the USSR
1995D.Sc. (Phys. and Mathem.) — Institute of Structural Macrokinetics Russian Academy of Sciences
2006Professor (Phys and Mathem) — Institute of Structural Macrokinetics Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Chemical Physics Russian Academy of Sciences:

  • Engineer, junior researcher, senior researcher (1979 — 1987)

Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science Russian Academy of Sciences (ISMAN)

  • Head of the Laboratory for Dynamics of Micro-heterogeneous Processes (1988 — present)

Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloy (Technological University):

  • Professor, Department of Powder Metallurgy and Functional Coatings (2003 — present)
  • Vice-director of the Educational-Scientific Center of Ceramic Nanomaterials, MISIS (2011 — present).
  • International Journal of Self-propagating High temperature Synthesis (Allerton Press Inc., Pleada Publishing)
  • Scientific secretary (1992 — present)
  • Regional Editor (Russia and Countries of the Former Soviet Union) — 2005 — 2013
  • Editor-in-chief — 2014 — present
Fields of Research Interests

Dynamics of phase and structure transformations during high-temperature processes in micro-heterogeneous and nano-heterogeneous systems. Mechanisms of combustion wave propagation in micro-heterogeneous media and nano-systems. Self propagating high temperature synthesis (combustion synthesis) of advanced materials. Product structure formation at combustion and thermal explosion conditions. Macrokinetics and chemical kinetics of fast-running processes. Reaction waves in multilayer thin films Mechanical activation of heterogeneous reactions.

Methods Used, Courses
  • Course of lectures on Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis of Materials (SHS) for the students, bachelors and masters of the Moscow Steel and Allow Institute (Technical University)
  • Supervision for Ph.D. dissertations — 8 (1996, 2000, 2000, 2004, 2005, 2005, 2008, 2011)
  • Supervision for M.S. and B.Sc. diploma — 15
Honorable Titles, Membership in the Russian and Foreign Academies and Other Public Organizations

World Academy of Ceramics, Member (Academician), 2007 — present International Combustion Institute, Russian Section, Member, 2000 — present Scientific Council on Combustion and Explosion, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1999 — present

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