Pavel Borisovich Sorokin

2005Graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2007PhD in Physics of Condensed Matter (Candidate of Science)

Since 2012: NITU MISIS, Senior Researcher.

Fields of Research Interests

Numerical quantum chemistry, DFT, empirical potentials, 2D materials, nanotubes, hydrogen storage.

Participation at Research Projects
  1. Nanostructures based on the graphene: simulation of structure, electronic and transport properties, Russia, RFBR, 2008-2010
  2. Nanocomposition materials based on graphene: synthesis and physical-chemical properties, Russia, RFBR, 2008-2010
  3. Quantum-chemical and molecular-dynamics study of structure, properties and formation mechanisms of nanoscale clusters of complex nature, Russia, RFBR, 2009-2010
  4. Materials and components for nanoelectronics based on modified graphenes (graphane, diamane,oxide graphene and fluorographene) — modelling of structure and properties, Russia, RFBR, 2011-2013
  5. The study of fabrication methods and properties of single-crystal diamond films with nanometer thickness, Russia, Research Project of Federal Target Program, 2012-2013
  6. Investigation of the features of the electronic, elastic and mechanical properties of the materials based on the nanosized diamond clusters, Russia, RFBR, 2012-2013
  7. Simulation of structure and properties of new nanomaterials based on multilayer transition-metal dichalcogenides and BN-graphene layers, Russia, RSF, 2014-2016
Methods Used, Courses
  1. DFT, empirical potentials
  2. Semiconducting physics
  3. Computational methods in physics
  4. Quantum-chemical simulations of crystals properties
  5. Quantum-chemical simulations of structure and properties of solid state
Awards Received
  1. The winner of nonprofit organization “Dynasty” competition “Support of PhD students and young scientists”, 2007
  2. Award of Academia Europaea for young scientists in physics, 2015
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