Business Informatics

In the environment of global business process digitalization the experts highly in demand on the labor market are those combining the inter-disciplinary training in economic sciences, management theory and IT-technologies. They are responsible for the practical implementation of digital innovations in every sector of economy thus providing their upgrading and further development.

years of study

Full-time education in Russian

Major #38.03.05
Business Informatics


Enterprise Architecture

Students focus on the development of IT-system design, processes management, robotisation, and methods of business operation in digital economy. They receive fundamental knowledge and practical skills working on real business cases from the leading software vendors and system aggregators, thus being able to study the full life-cycle of an IT-product, from a prototype creation to the stages of implementation and support. Student learning trajectories and a list of practical disciplines are developed based on the expectations of NUST MISIS partners/employers, international consulting and IT-companies.