A modern economist needs to have a vast knowledge of dynamic fluctuations on national and global markets, forecast trends and make strategic decisions to secure sustainable development of a specific enterprise or branch on the whole. In the era of global digitalization economists with the help of advanced methods and means analyze comprehensive databases in order to transform the economy structure, inter-branch cooperation and business models. Economists in the first place are drivers of both industrial and social modernization.

4 years of study

Full-time education in Russian


Banking and Finance

The program aims to train highly qualified and competitive specialists in economics and finance. Its distinctive feature is an interdisciplinary approach, and student work on real cases and projects provided by NUST MISIS business partners. Our graduates ensure sustainable financial development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as major corporations and banks.

Corporate Economy

The program aims to train highly qualified professionals responsible for the development and modernization of corporate economic systems. Students acquire skills necessary for the economic performance evaluation, work with big data, market research and forecast investment results. The learning process is based on real cases provided by largest production enterprises which allows the students to absorb practical economic knowledge.