Electronics and Nanoelectronics

Our students acquire knowledge in materials science and functional systems; skills necessary to support the invented device throughout its life-cycle and learn modern technologies for the development of nanomaterials and nanosystems in electronics. The experience of R&D work generated at leading international and domestic research centers during the program is the foundation of our students’ carriers at global level.

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Full-time education in Russian

Major #11.03.04
Electronics and Nanoelectronics


Materials and Technologies in Magnetoelectronics

The program trains highly qualified professionals in magnetoelectronics that focus on creation, diagnostics and application of modern perspective magnetic materials and devices designed on their basis. Students study main classes of macro-, micro and nano sized magnetic materials and the technologies of their use. In particular, they focus on materials used for magnetic data recording, radio absorption and radio screening, hyperthermia and drug targeted delivery, active microwave electronic environments, automation and TV equipment, and IoT. Our graduates are employed by R&D centers, high-tech companies, etc. as process engineers and R&D experts.

Semiconductor Devices for Micro- and Nanoelectronics

Program graduates implement scientific research in development and production using the cutting-edge lab equipment at labs and R&D centers of NUST MISIS and its partner universities/companies in Russia, Europe and USA. Acquired competencies allow them to design and implement strategically important scientific projects towards the development and modernization of the national infrastructure. Program graduates focus on development and manufacturing of high-tech components for electronic equipment such as microwave devices, components of power electronics, and rad-hard devices.