Informatics and Computer engineering

In the environment of the economy and industry digitalization, experts on information system life-cycle management are of special demand. Our student acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to operate business systems and semantic analysis solutions; learn to use knowledge bases and data storage systems, and study cyber security principles and methods.

4 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

College of Information Technologies and Computer Sciences

Major # 09.03.01
Informatics and Computer engineering


System and Software Engineering

This program focuses on a comprehensive study of complex programming systems, methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Students study modern programming basics, methods of business process automation, development of intellectual technologies and IT-project management. Our graduates are employed by international companies, the industry leaders, and create networks and cloud platforms for smart devices, develop application and set up IT-startups.

Intelligent Systems for Data Analysis

The program aims to train Data Science experts. Students master the methods to create programming algorithms, digital transformation of company business processes, network and Internet technologies. Our graduates operate powerful computation machines, cloud systems and neuron networks, create and develop “smart city” technologies using the machine learning algorithms.