Management means planning a goal, forecasting the consequences, setting up processes, managing the resources, coordinating actions and setting up control over the implementation of tasks. To build up a successful carrier, a manager shall possess a wide range of knowledge in economics and management theory, outstanding leadership skills, ability to process and analyze big data, and think strategically. Such competencies are key on the modern labor market and will open doors to a brilliant professional carrier.

4 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

College of Economics & Management

Major # 38.03.02


Financial Management

This program is focused on a deep study of financial and economic relationships, methods, mechanisms, instruments and technologies of financial and economic system functioning in digital economy. Students study algorithms of business capital formation including the implementation of new industrial technologies; learn financial management on national and global levels, and study innovative activities.

Supply Chain Management in the Digital Economy

Modern technologies generate new challenges to business as applied to the automation of business processes and systems, especially in logistics. Students focus on innovation approaches to supply management, and learn to make decisions in the environment of the digital economy shaping up. Our graduates become managers and consultants in Russian and foreign companies, put in place comprehensive projects on business process digital transformation and implement efficient logistic systems.