Modern metallurgy is a science specifying how to obtain and improve metals and alloys of various designation being at the borderline of several fields of knowledge. Understanding fundamental connections between composition and structure of materials and their operational characteristics helps a student to acquire statistic, systemic and risk-oriented way of thinking. A metallurgic engineer is a scientist vastly contributing to innovation and technological development of industry and economy.

years of study

Full-time education in Russian

Major #22.03.02


Material Technologies

The program is focused on training experts in metal and material manufacturing with a deep study of alloy properties. Our students study modern methods of structure research, physical and mechanical properties of materials, technologies of metallurgic production process with regard to latest trends. They participate in R&D projects implemented by the leading scientists of NUST MISIS at world-class labs. Our graduates develop and implement technologies aiming to obtain innovation materials used in strategic branches of industry, such as space, nuclear, aircraft building, oil and gas, etc.