Nanotechnology and Materials for Micro- and Nanosystems

The program aims to train professionals for the industry sectors related to nanotechnologies and science-based manufacturing using nanotechnologies. Engineers in this field are engaged in the development of materials and elements, resource- and energy-saving technologies, and research into their possible application in micro- and nanosystems for different use, high-tech manufacturing with the use of nanotechnologies and effective resource and energy technologies. Program graduates carry out materials science research in order to design micro- and nanosystem technics and work at largest manufacturing enterprises and R&D centers in Russia and abroad.

4 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

College of New Materials and Nanotechnologies

Major # 28.03.01
Nanotechnologies and Microsystem Technics

340 000 ₽
Admission for International Students

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Vladimir Kozlov

DSc, PhD, professor at Institute of Novel Materials and Nanotechnology, Division of Technology for Electronic Materials

V.V.Kozlov graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronic Technics ) with a diploma in semiconductors and insulators, then finished postgraduate and doctoral studies in the National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) at the department of Technology of Electronic Materials. In 2010 he received DSc degree (Doctor of Science) in technical sciences, since 2017 he is a professor at the department of Technology of Electronic Materials. Fields of research interest are metal-polymer and semiconductor-polymer nanocomposites; carbon nanomaterials; metal-carbon and semiconductor-carbon nanocomposites; heterogeneous-reaction kinetics; nanomaterial synthesis. He has developed scientific directions such as “Synthesis of composites based on polymers and semiconductor, metal nanoparticles under IR heating”, “Synthesis of carbon nanocrystalline materials under polymer heating”, and “Analysis of reaction mechanism and kinetics of synthesizing carbon materials by using UV- and Vis spectrometry, IR spectrometry, electron microscopy, X-ray method, thermogravimetric analysis, and differential scanning calorimetry”.

H-index: WoS — 6, Scopus — 6, RINC — 6.

+7 495 638-45-43

Larisa Panina

DSc, PhD, professor at Institute of Novel Materials and Nanotechnology, Division of Technology for Electronic Materials

L.V. Panina graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (including PhD courses) with a diploma in physics and physics of magnetic phenomena. She was previously working in Nagoya University, Japan and Plymouth University, United Kingdom. In 2013 she joined the National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) bringing with her a growing international activity on giant magnetoimpedance, magnetic sensors and tunable magnetic wire media. In 2016, she received DSc degree (Doctor of Science) in physical and mathematical sciences.

Her research interests also include magnetisation dynamics of micro and nano structures, electrodynamics and optics of artificially structured materials. She has published more than 150 peer-reviewed journal papers, 6 specialised book chapters and has given 22 invited lectures at international conferences. A number of scientific projects (RFBR, RSF) have been completed and are being implemented under her leadership. She is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and its Magnetic Society (IEEE is a leading international organization), a member of the administrative committee of the IEEE Magnetic Society, editor of the international journal Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, a member of the editorial board of the international journal Biosensors. H-index: WoS — 41, Scopus — 45.

+7 495 638-44-51

Vladimir Grigorievich Kostishin

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Department of Technology of Electronics Materials

+7 495 638-46-51

Vladimir Vasilievich Korovushkin

Doctor of Geology and Mathematics, Professor

+7 495 951-23-82

Sergey Marenkin

DSc, Prof. at Institute of Novel Materials and Nanotechnology, Division of Technology for Electronic Materials; Leading scientist at RAS, academic at AES Russia

Sergey Marenkin graduated from Moscow Chemical-Technological Institute named after D. Mendeleev. In 1973 he received PhD and in 1988 DSc. In 1987 he received honor from Cabinet Ministry of USRR for AIIBV materials investigation and devices based on them. He was honorned by Korolev, Zyalkovsky, Grum-Grimaylo medals, MISIS order for scientific work. He is the leader of Physical-chemical bases of material for solid state electronics center. He is the author of more than 460 papers in scientific journals and proceedings.

H-index: WoS — 20, Scopus — 20, RINZ — 19.

+7 495 954-54-72

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