A modern physicist is a researcher with the knowledge and competencies necessary to implement break-through fundamental and applied research, sought after by scientific establishments and high-tech companies. College of New Materials and Technologies trains experts in the field of quantum technology physics and condensed matter physics. The program competitive edge is student participation in R&D activities starting from the second year of study. Leading university faculty and invited world-level scientists deliver the profile disciplines.

4 years of study

Full-time education in Russian


Condensed Matter Physics

The program trains specialists with universal competencies in physics and physical chemistry for the fundamental research and innovative technologies development in inter-disciplinary fields. Our students solve practical tasks related to development, description, and optimization of new material discovery processes based on the phase material change. Their research is focused on diffusion processes in metal alloys, energy storage systems and supercapacitors, composite materials and biomaterials, thermodynamics and kinetics of solid-phase transformations.