Applied Informatics

Specialists in applied informatics possess an array of knowledge and skills necessary to operate, design and support information systems, services and processes, program interface design, and know how to work with constantly changing big data and information thus contributing vastly to the global process of the economy digital transformation.

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Full-time education in Russian

Major #09.03.03
Applied Informatics


Applied Computer Science in Design

The program aims to train experts with a high degree of creative thinking in Computer Science and Digital Design based on its flexible learning trajectory. Students may adjust their learning trajectory taking into account their own interests, market needs and current trends. They may choose one field — web-designer, public space designer (“smart city” development), graphic designer, or mobile application designer. Our graduates are employed by leading Russian profile agencies, use modern design technologies and set up market trends.

Applied Computer Science in Economics

Students study business processes and learn to manage them based on modern IT-solutions. They implement projects using real cases, develop web-applications and intellectual systems incorporating every product life-cycle stage, from a prototype to the final solution support. The acquired skills and competencies allow our graduates successfully implement business process automation and robotization for the sector leaders.