This major includes main fundamental learning programs such as Quantum Materials Science, Quantum Technologies and Condensed Matter Physics. The learning process is based on R&D led by world-class scientists. The obtained knowledge and competencies help our graduates participate in the state-of-the-art research and develop new breakthrough technologies.

years of study

Full-time education in Russian

Major # 03.04.02


Condensed Matter Physics

Modern experts in physics focus both on theoretical and applied research in various areas of science. The program Condensed Matter Physics offers the students the opportunity to conduct physical research in the synthesis of materials with set functional properties, and focus on the analysis and investigation of processes in condensed matters. The curriculum includes modern R&D activities and participation in breakthrough projects: research in new types of non-invasive emission to determine chemical composition of any substance or electrical and chemical power accumulators and quantum well systems; measure solid matter surface energy or analyze solid matter phase transformations.

Quantum Materials Science

Quantum Materials Science is a unique major that only NUST MISIS offers in Russia. The purpose of the program is to teach highly competent professionals having interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of artificial and natural material physics; capable to use comprehensive measuring methods and skills to research in characteristics and properties of quantum elements, quantum matters, metamaterials, qubits, superconductors, nanophotonic devices and biological objects. The program competitive edge since the first year of study is student participation in R&D activities at world-level labs and research centers led by prominent Russian and global scientists.