The program is aimed at training specialists in the field of pedagogical design and creating learning materials in a digital environment based on a competency-based approach. It integrates advanced digital learning media and tools including MOOCs, blended learning, flipped classroom, immersive learning using augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). You will receive assortment of opportunities to choose a professional trajectory while participating in semester projects. Students are English-speaking international learning environment and Study visits to partner companies and organizations.

years of study

Full-time education in Russian

Major # 45.04.02


Communications and International Public Relations

The English-language program “Communications and International Public Relations” is aimed at training specialists in the field of strategic communications in marketing and PR for technology startups and large hi-tech companies in Russia and at the international level.

Studying at one of the leading Russian technological universities allows you to immerse yourself in the field of science and technology, understand the specifics of the industry and gain experience in developing communication strategies for knowledge-intensive industries. Students get into an international environment and train their skills in cross-cultural teams from the first days of their studies.

Second Language Teaching and Pedagogical Design in Digital Environments

The EdTech market is rapidly growing and includes various areas from the development of online courses to the launch of tutoring apps. The program “Second Language Teaching and Pedagogical Design in Digital Environments” is aimed at training experts who will create competitive educational products considering the basics of pedagogical design and digital technologies in teaching. An important advantage is that students are constantly improving their knowledge of English by communicating during the learning process. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to teach Russian or English using digital technologies, create their own educational product in the field of teaching foreign languages, promote it on social networks and conduct an expert assessment of the effectiveness of teaching in an online environment.