Management means to set goals, forsee the outcomes, manage resources and processes, coordinate actions and control the implementation results. To build up a successful carrier a manager shall possess broad knowledge in economics and management theory, outstanding leadership qualities, ability to analyze and manage big data, and think strategically.These are key competencies on the labor market promising for young expert carriers.

years of study

Full-time education in Russian

Major # 38.04.02


Financial Management

This program accounts for the study of a wide spectrum of economic activities, from the development of an enterprise financial strategy to setting up sophisticated market researches. Students work on real life business case studies to acquire practical skills to operate in the financial environment and at partner companies during internships. The specific feature of this Master’s program is development of competencies in the field of efficient use of financial tools to provide for the sustainable development of industrial companies.

Technological Leadership and Systemic Engineering

This program trains professionals and entrepreneurs to launch and develop innovation projects and transform business processes and models at industrial plants. The students learn to approach comprehensive tasks in a systemic manner, promote unconventional ideas, work as a team, forecast engineering trends, manage projects to create and develop new ecosystems, elaborate investment projects and spin-off companies, and attract financial partners and investors. Our graduates apply entrepreneurship approaches in management and are ready to become industry leaders in the digital economy.