Digital Production Materials and Technologies

Wide use of digital technologies in production and other areas of business generates new research and technical tasks. Our students learn to find universal solutions and create new products and tools: they program robots with computer vision, develop interactive stands and installations, create plastic materials from nettle, etc. The learning is based on practical approach, its main goal is to share most necessary skills in design, prototyping, programming and production. Our graduates are creative technical experts ready to face the challenges of the gradually changing world around. They are prepared to apply competencies from various fields to create and launch new high-tech products.

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Full-time education in Russian

College of Environmentally Sound Technologies & Engineering

Major #15.04.02
Technological Machines & Equipment

Admission for International Students

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Alexey Solonin

PhD, Head of the Department of Physical Metallurgy of Non-ferrous Metals

+7 499 236-31-29

Vladimir Kuznetsov

Ph.D., director of FabLab

Oleg Urzhumtsev

M.A., Skoltech

Jennifer Eastwood

Program Director / Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin — Stout

Giuseppe Fallacara

Associate Professor at the Polytechnic School of Bar