Technosphere Safety

Experts on technosphere safety deal with the processes of industrial impact on the environment, that is why given the climate change their employment is guaranteed both in Russia and worldwide. Our graduates possess skills in environmental and production safety, are familiar with recycling and rational environmental use technologies, and may forecast the consequences of the technology use and implementation.

2 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

Major # 20.04.01
Technosphere Safety


Environmental Innovation Management

Today ecological rules and regulations change on a constant basis and require experts apply modern knowledge in the environmental innovation management such as engineering, managerial, normative, political, economic and educational. The program has been designed based on best international practices and targets training of professionals to solve applied environmental and engineering problems large industrial companies face. Students study modern technologies and materials to implement principles of sustainable development in the company business strategy; political and legal aspects of environmental innovation development and methods to evaluate the proposed project efficiency.