Physical Processes in Mining and Oil & Gas Industry

Mining, extraction of oil, gas and other resources underground or in the depth of ocean waters, is a true engineering art that helps to manage the riches of our planet in a caring and efficient way. Mining, oil and gas production engineers are generalists capable to apply modern information technologies, analytical equipment, robotic systems, probing methods and theoretical knowledge of subsoil composition, geophysics and geotechnologies the best possible way.

6 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

College of Mining

Major # 21.05.05
Physical Processes in Mining and Oil & Gas Industry


Industrial Control in Mining and Oil and Gas Production

Students acquire skills to operate analytical equipment in order to determine the quality of raw materials and mining products as well as geophysical equipment and tools for non-destructive inspection. Graduates are employed at mining, oil and gas production sites and in related branches as well as at R&D centers.