Doctoral Studies

Enrollment is available only for those areas of expertise, for which NUST MISiS has established the operating dissertation board.

The requirements to applicants are as follows:

  • availability of an academic degree (candidate of sciences or a foreign degree recognized in Russia);
  • total teaching experience of at least 5 years;
  • employment with the releasing organization of at least 1 year;
  • articles published in refereed journals — at least 15, of which WoS & Scopus — at least 10, and
  • dissertation research capacity — at least 30%.

The bundle of documents is specified below:

  • application to the attention of the rector;
  • petition of the releasing organization;
  • applicant’s personal details;
  • detailed plan of dissertation;
  • recommendation of the NUST MISiS department;
  • copy of passport (identification document);
  • copy of diploma of awarding an academic degree;
  • copy of employment record book (or agreement, if no employment record book is in place);
  • confirmations of academic / scientific / research achievements (copies of patent certificates, etc.), and
  • list of published articles.

On any issues of enrollment and studies under doctoral programs, please contact Andrey Sergeevich Ignatov from the Center of Excellence (+7 499 236-75-89,