Automatisation and creation of a comfortable environment

NUST MISIS makes every effort to ensure that technical issues related to higher education do not distract students from the educational process and do not require too much time. Our university has introduced automated platform solutions based on the Russian software 1C: Enterprise, integrated with SOAP and ODBC protocols in accordance with the map of information systems.

Student office

The Student Office is an innovative structural unit of the university that provides educational and administrative support for the educational process online. The creation of the Student Office was made possible thanks to the introduction of a unified information system, which has become the core of all NUST MISIS services.

All the necessary services for NUST MISIS students and graduate students are combined into one information system. We have something to be proud of: over the past three years, NUST MISIS has transferred 95% of all types of references and certificates into an online order. The Student Office operates in the format of a multifunctional center, ensuring the availability of services, processing requests with minimal participation of applicants, as well as high speed of processing applications.

NUST MISIS students and graduate students can contact the Student Office using any convenient method:

  • online, through a personal account accessible to each student and graduate student, where you can get information about academic performance, order the necessary certificates, references, statements, etc.;
  • in person, with a personal visit to the Student Office.

High quality service and a well-organized infrastructure have made the Student Office one of the most popular places in the university. Our students commend the Student Office in regularly conducted monitoring of satisfaction with university services.

Creation of the unified information system and refactoring of the applied solution “1C: University PROF”

NUST MISIS has introduced a unified information system that allows the departments, directorates of colleges and other structural divisions of the university to interact effectively.

As a result of the modernization of “1C: University PROF”, more than 10 new modules have been created and the mechanisms and functionality of the basic modules have been significantly revised, which made it possible to create the core of the information system implemented at NUST MISIS.

“1C: University PROF” allows you to interactively ensure numerous processes related to the work of departments, directorates of colleges, tutors and educational-methodical management, for example:

  • creating and introduction of amendments to the curriculum;
  • formation, distribution, coordination and approval of the teaching and extracurricular workload, as well as individual plans of teachers;
  • drawing up, coordination and introduction of amendments to the schedule of training events;
  • the formation of individual educational and professional trajectories of students.

In “1C: University PROF”, individual methodologies were developed and implemented in the university’s processes in terms of:

  • migration registration;
  • planning income from educational activities;
  • automated reporting and analytics;
  • questionnaires and feedback analysis.

In 2017, within the framework of the annual international competition of the best management and accounting automation projects — “1C: Project of the Year” NUST MISIS took first place in the competition with the project “Implementation of the applied solution ‘1C: University PROF’ to create a comprehensive automated information system” in the nomination “The best automation in the industry: education, culture, science”.

Unified account for all services

Creating and improving services integrated into the personal account, NITU MISIS adheres to the principle of a single account for all information systems, such as Personal Account — access to WiFi — LMS Canvas — Corporate Mail — Office 365 — electronic document flow. The introduction of a unified account made it possible to work in the online NUST MISIS space, comfortable for all students and employees of the university.