Project Open Rectorate

The NUST MISIS “Open Rectorate” engages NUST MISIS’s students, scientists, lecturers, and employees with the university`s management. Participants are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions to the university’s Rector and Vice-Rectors and get to know their thoughts and opinions on the University`s activities, future plans, and other current issues in the fields of education and science. Even better, you are free to ask the questions you personally want answered. This is a completely interactive platform, and you can ask your questions not only during the event, but also through the University`s official website.

The NUST MISIS “Open Rectorate” allows you to discuss and engage with the University`s current issues, and hopefully to help play a part in the proposals on how to solve them.

Your opinions are very important to us, we welcome fresh and creative ideas on how to improve the quality of education, develop NUST MISIS further, and improve the direction of all its activities.

You all have the opportunity to send questions, suggestions, and requests about any and all aspects of student life to administration. This can be done through either the University Student Council, Trade Union, or on this webpage.