COVID-19: FAQ for Students

Educational process

Is there a possibility to arrange lectures in fully distant mode? Can I choose between distant and face-to-face study?
What chronic diseases are considered legal ground for distant learning? What justification documents are required?
Is there a possibility not to replace faculty members of 65+ y.o., but transfer their classes to the distant format?
Students from which countries can enter Russia to study?
Step-by-step instructions for international students returning to Russia to continue their studies
What do I do if I’m an international student and I can’t return to Russia due to the closed borders?
What do I do if I need an invitation letter to travel to Russia?
What do I do if I’m an international student and the borders are open, but there are no tickets available for the nearest future?


What kind of health certificates do I need to return to the dormitory?
How do I pay for my accommodation fee now?
Will dormitory residents be allowed to host visitors now?
How do you ensure safety measures in the dormitories?

COVID-19 Preventive Measures

How will you ensure safety measures at the university?
If one of my roommates has a chronic disease or they are 65+ y.o., can I study remotely?