This academic year summer examination session will be held online. This means that students will be taking exams and final assignments with the help of digital educational technologies and services.

If you have an academic backlog for the previous semester you need to clear it in a timely manner. Retakes schedule will be published at least five days prior to the retake events.

Students have the right for earlier examination on the individual basis if confirmed with their lecturer. In this case a students is not excused from class participation for other disciplines.

At the moment migration office is working on the distant mode. If you need to get a consultation regarding migration or visa procedures or urgently submit or collect your documents, please, contact the office via

We are also available via messengers:

Latest updates from the office are available on our Telegram-channel.

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus (COVID-2019) and in compliance with the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow dated 5 March 2020, NUST MISIS introduces the state of high alert.

Anyone arriving from areas where COVID-19 cases have been recorded must inform the local authorities of their arrival to Russian Federation as well as of the exact places of their visits on those territories and their contact information via hotline +7 495 870-45-09.

Anyone arriving from China, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Iran, or other COVID-19 outbreak countries must follow a regime of self-isolation at home for a period of 14 days.

In case of any respiratory symptoms call medical assistance to your home without visiting a hospital or doctor.

During the spring semester NUST MISIS students will be transferred to the individual curriculum plan, distant or on-campus studies (at student’s option). The decision is taken based on the Order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education “On the Preventive Measures against Coronavirus Disease Spread”.

Students willing to get transferred to the individual curriculum plan without compulsory university attendance need to submit application to the Student Office using Personal Account or via e-mail

Application Form (23.1 KB)

Please, keep in touch with your academic supervisor regarding the academic questions.

In the course of preventive measures against COVID-19 spread NUST MISIS has extended vacation for students located in China until April 1, 2020. To keep up with the curriculum, students are transferred to an individual curriculum plan with the use of distance learning. If you have any questions, please contact the International Students Service:

To learn more about COVID-19 visit World Health Organization website.