FAQ for students

What is an individual curriculum for a student?

How will the classes be organized within individual curriculum?

How will the assessment tests and lab projects be organized? Do I need to be present?

How will P.E. classes be organized?

How will the assessment system get changed due to the transfer to the individual curriculum?

Will the transfer to an individual curriculum have influence on stipends and social aid for students?

How will the final state attestation (thesis preparation and defense) be organized for graduating students? How will the creative competition named after Andrey Bochvar and Science Days Conferences be organized?

May I go to my home country while I am on the individual curriculum?

When will the fall term retakes take place?

How long is individual curriculum studies are going to take?

How long will the quarantine last in the dormitories?

How will the individual curriculum affect the preparation of thesis? Is it possible to conduct all necessary experiments at the university?