Ustinov Alexey

D.Sc., Professor, Head of the Laboratory for Superconducting Metamaterials

1984: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Field of Study

03.06.01 Physics and Astronomy


Condensed matter physics and quantum technology

Areas of Expertise (Science Topics)

Low-temperature physics, superconduction, superconductive electronics, quantum coherence, quantum bits (q-bits), quantum computer implementation, physics of nanostructures, nanoelectronics, terahertz generators and detectors.


Aleksey Ustinov is one of the most globally renowned experts in long Josephson junctions and physics of magnetic solitons — non-linear waves in these structures. He devotes many years to studying multi-layer and discrete Josephson systems. He is a superb teacher and promoter of science.

Primary Research Projects
  • megagrant of the Russian Government entitled “Superconductive metamaterials”, 2011-2015;
  • grant К2-2015-078 entitled “Superconductive metamaterials” in the context of the program of increasing the competitiveness of NUST MISiS, 2015-2016;
  • quantum metamaterials based on superconductive q-bits, grant of the Russian Science Foundation, 2016-2018;
  • grant К2-2016-063 entitled “Components of superconductive schemes for quantum processing of information” in the context of the program of increasing the competitiveness of NUST MISiS, 2017-2020;
  • leader of 12 projects of the German Research Foundation (DFG); contractor for 7 projects as part of European FP5-FP7 programs; and recipient of 8 research grants awarded by the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development.
Scientific Recognition

He authored over 300 papers in peer-refereed academic journals and has 2 patents. He published articles in Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, Science, Nature. His Hirsch index is 42.

Scientific Review, Expertise

He acted as a reviewer of the leading international academic journals of physics and electronics, including Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, Nature, Europhysics Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Physics Letters, etc. He is a member of the publishing council of the Superconducting Science and Technology journal. He is an expert in implementing the projects and programs of the German Research Foundation, European FP6 and FP7 programs, as well as national academic programs of Israel, Belgium and Sweden.

Academic Advising

He has released 23 postgraduate students.

Supervisor’s main publications
  1. Granular aluminium as a superconducting material for high-impedance quantumcircuits. Grünhaupt, L.; Spiecker, M.; Gusenkova, D.; Maleeva, N.; Skacel, S. T.; Takmakov, I.;Valenti, F.; Winkel, P.; Rotzinger, H.; Wernsdorfer , W.; Ustinov, A. V.; Pop I. M. NatureMaterials, 18, pp. 816–819 (2019). doi: 10.1038/s41563-019-0350-3
  2. Ferromagnet/superconductor hybrid magnonic metamaterials. Golovchanskiy, I. A.;Abramov, N. N.; Stolyarov, V. S.; Dzhumaev, P. S.; Emelyanova, O. V.; Golubov, A. A.;Ryazanov, V. V.; Ustinov, A. V. Advanced Science, 6 (16), 1900435 (2019). doi:10.1002/advs.201900435
  3. Phonon traps reduce the quasiparticle density in superconducting circuits. Henriques,F.; Valenti, F.; Charpentier, T.; Lagoin, M.; Gouriou, C.; Martínez, M.; Cardani, L.; Vignati, M.;Grünhaupt, L.; Gusenkova, D.; Ferrero, J.; Skacel, S. T.; Wernsdorfer, W.; Ustinov, A. V.;Catelani, G.; Sander, O.; Pop, I. M. Applied Physics Letters, 115 (21), 212601 (2019). doi:10.1063/1.5124967
  4. Nonlinear spin waves in ferromagnetic/superconductor hybrids. Golovchanskiy, I.A.,Abramov, N.N., Stolyarov, V.S., Golubov, A.A., Ryazanov, V.V., Ustinov, A.V. Journal ofApplied Physics, Volume 127, Issue 9, 7 March 2020
  5. Current-resistance effects inducing nonlinear fluctuation mechanisms in Granularaluminum oxide nanowires. Barone, C., Rotzinger, H., Voss, J.N., Mauro, C., Schön, Y.,Ustinov, A.V., Pagano, S. Nanomaterials, Volume 10, Issue 3, March 2020
  6. Nondegenerate Parametric Amplifiers Based on Dispersion-Engineered Josephson-Junction Arrays. Winkel, P.a, Takmakov, I., Rieger, D., Planat, L., Hasch-Guichard, W.,Grünhaupt, L., Maleeva, N., Foroughi, F., Henriques, F., Borisov, K., Ferrero, J., Ustinov, A.V.,Wernsdorfer, W., Roch, N., Pop, I.M. Physical Review Applied, Volume 13, Issue 2, February2020