Cooperation with “Career center”

Placement of vacancies and internships

To post vacancies, internship programs and internships for students of NUST “MISIS”, you need to send information to the e-mail with mark “VACANCY”

The application must include:

  • job type (permanent / internship / internship);
  • the period of relevance of the vacancy;
  • brief description of the company (2 offers);
  • requirements for candidates;
  • description of responsibilities.
Job template (19.8 KB)

Cooperation opportunities:

  • Official cooperation between the University and the company: a cooperation agreement between the University and the company, which, in addition to internships and employment promotion, allows to participate in training programs, conduct classes and activities, and provide information support. The contracts can be found below

Cooperation (71 KB)

  • Communication with students:
    • notification of events, competitions and internship programs, tournaments, etc.;

    • in addition to posting posts in the groups of the career Center in social networks (and reposts in friendly communities), it is possible to disseminate information through a newsletter on a common database of students/graduates;

    • it is possible to place posters on Bulletin boards in various buildings of NUST MISIS with the University logo;

  • Participation in career events: forum Pro: career, career Day with the company, job fair and other interesting events;
  • Holding your company’s events on the campus of NUST “MISIS”:
    • masterclasses;
    • trainings;
    • seminars;
    • businessgame;
    • lectures of top managers, etc..;
    • booking classrooms for events, providing multimedia equipment and assistance in the organization on our part.
  • Scholarship program for students of NUST MISIS — a great way to strengthen your brand and increase company awareness. The company sets the selection criteria and the amount of the scholarship at its discretion, and the University can take over the further organization;
  • Opening of a branded audience in one of the buildings of NUST MISIS. We offer your company to contribute to the development of the University;
  • Involvement of students in project work for the needs of the company (solving cases, conducting research, writing term papers / theses on the topic).
  • Conducting business forums at the University site with the participation of market experts, graduates and students of NUST MISIS (by agreement).