Prof. navigation program “The new level”

NUST “MISIS” has developed a comprehensive approach to professional navigation and training for employment, which is based on competence-based and activity-based approaches.

The system is a complex and continuous process during the whole training, consisting of several key blocks:

  1. adaptation in the University environment;
  2. self- development and motivations
  3. preparation for employment, professional development.

As part of the adaptation phase, a program of training of students-mentors (students of middle and senior courses, contributing to the process of adaptation and active inclusion of freshmen in the University environment) is developed and implemented. Mentoring students contribute to the achievement of the main results of the program:

  1. Improving the efficiency of adaptation of first-year students at the University, improving academic performance, increasing awareness among first-year students to education and science.
  2. Improving the efficiency of professional navigation of students, including first-year students (through the development program and career programs).

The first:

  • Announcement of registration and collection of questionnaires from candidates.
  • Conducting Prof. navigation testing with the construction of a competence profile and comments to build an individual trajectory of development and selection of participants.
  • Conducting qualifying diagnostic games using the elements of the “method 360”.
  • Conducting interviews to identify areas of growth of participants, motivation, awareness and awareness of the goals and objectives of the program, as well as the readiness of full participation in all its stages.

The second — conducting a series of trainings, seminars, workshops and consultations on the development of the most popular competencies of employers, as well as professional skills of the student-mentor and student-prof. navigator. Consolidation of these skills is based on the activity approach: social organization of mini-projects aimed at promoting the University.

The third — the unit of preparation for employment, which is additional practices and internships provided by employers and partners. As an additional training at this stage, consultations were held on the preparation of resumes and selection of vacancies using the service on the main website of the University.